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What is hell?

Brother Charles speaks about the Biblical view of hell.

1. Hell is a reality – Jesus spoke more about hell more than anyone else.

2. God takes no satisfaction in hell. Ezekiel 18 he warned Israel. Turned away from all your offenses. I take no pleasure in the death of anyone. He grieves over people who suffer.

3. Hell is a consequence of our own choice. There is a need for justice and there is a need for punishment for all our sins.

4. Heaven is a choice, we need to accept Jesus, to be transformed by Jesus. Look at the example of a fish in water. In water it lives comfortably but on land it will die as it needs lungs. This is analogous to the transformation we need. If you take us out of this human world and put us in heaven we will not be comfortable we will be like a fish out of water. Unless I am transformed by Jesus I will die. Hell is a consequence of not accepting Jesus and it is a choice that everyone must make.