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Prayer for Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh

Please accept our greetings in the name of the Lord.

One of the beautiful names of God is the prince of peace. When Jesus was born, the angels announced that the birth of Jesus would bring peace on the earth.

As the followers of Christ we are urged to seriously pray for peace in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We need to pray that the war between these two countries come to an end, respecting the principles of human rights and international law. May there be peace between these two countries.

We need to pray that God grants wisdom for those in authority in both these countries and finds ways of bringing about a lasting peace. We also need to pray for God to show his mercy to all those who are affected by the war and have lost their homes and their loved ones. May the Lord comfort the afflicted families and those who are injured in these incidents.

The word of God says that there is power in the prayer of the just man. However, prayer on its own is not enough, we need to take appropriate actions. One of the ways we can help to support those injured and the families who have lost their breadwinners of the families in Karabakh, Armenia, is to send our financial supports to them.

There is a committee in London called friends of Armenia which comprises of individuals who help with the needs of people in disastrous situations in Armenia. The Armenian church in London and the Iranian council of Hamgam are sending some financial support through this charity. We encourage you to partake in providing financial help for those afflicted in this war. If it is in your heart to have a part in this, you can contact this charity through the following e-mail address.

Rev. Edward Hovsepian Mehr On behalf of the leadership of the Armenian Christian fellowship in London and the Iranian council of Hamgam in London.