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Brother Edwards message to the Church

Based on Matthew 16:13-20 brother Edward elaborates on the Church:

1. Jesus is the Lord of the Church – Christians recognize that Jesus is the Lord. Many have tried to take the position of Jesus but only Jesus died and rose again defeating death. Jesus is living actively working in our lives if we allow him space..

2. Jesus is the owner of the Church – The Church belongs to God. Jesus promises that he will build the Church as it belongs to him. God promises never to forsake us no matter what persecution we may face.

3. Jesus is the founder of the Church – We don’t need to be worried about the Church because Jesus is the founder of the Church. He is the one that will bring all things to completion. Billy Graham – Travelling by plane, a drunk man who was misbehaving was told that Billy Graham was on board. The drunk man came to him and gave him a hug and said “your preaching has had a great impact on my life.” Becoming a fan of someone does not make you a good Christian it needs Jesus to work on you, we need to be faithful to God not just fans..

4. Jesus is the rock of the Church – Peter means small stone in Greek but Jesus is the rock and a firm foundation. A drug addict who came off drugs for 6 months but then relapsed and went back on the drugs. Some people went back to the pastor said this brother has fallen. Paster responds yes if I make someone a believer this is what happens only Jesus can change the heart.

5. Jesus is the protector of the Church – This Church can not be destroyed. The church is not based on a building that can be broken or demolished. The church is a living body of Christianity. The Communist ideology tried to break down the Church for 70 years. Many Christians have been in prison in Iran because of their faith. The authorities become angry when they see the more pressure they put on the Church the more people come to Christ. No one can stand against Christ. Voltaire famously said that the next generation would no longer read the Bible but his house is today used by the Bible society which sends out God’s word from there. A small congregation can have a big effect as the Church. We have to be faithful and he will bless us and encourage us.