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The cure for despondency

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Colosians 3:1-3

Focus on The Lord

Despondency is because we don’t meditate upon heavenly things. Christians shouldn’t focus on the blessings in This life. The Bible says we’ve just received the deposit

Jesus has not returned yet,
We haven’t entered heaven yet,
Satan is still ruling this world,
This world is condemned
This life is just a taster of what we will experience in Heaven


Many things happen in this world which are unjust. There are many examples of what a terrible world we live in i.e. Coronavirus deaths of people, diseases, famine, man inhumanity to fellow man.

We always need to have an eternal perspective. Hope is so important for a believer like the wings of bird if no wings then not a bird
a fish out of water will die.

Hope is key to our lives. Need to thing about our heavenly hope

Maranatha – Live in this hope of eternal life

Eternal life is the most important thing. Early Christians used the expression Marantha meaning the Lord is coming soon, this is our hope, In this life the things we receive are like a deposit

Bertrand Russell gave up hope – He did not know where he came from, Why he was living? Where he was going? Death is the end of life as we know it in his opinion.

Good news only comes from the living word of God. Apostles speak more about what is to come. 1-3rd century there were lots of persecution to Christians.

How did early Christians keep their hope?

They lived in hope and the reassurance of knowing what they believed in. Assurance that eternity is a reality
Show me one thing that is stable. Health money or youth is not permanent. Which one of them is going to remain?

Life of human being is like a flower

Hamburtsum (member of the congregation)- attended church as often as he could. Whilst he was able bodied he attended church every week. He used to say, “If I don’t go to heaven I will come to church.”

We need to preach more about heaven, Jesus second coming and Talk about hell

No eye has no ear has heard, No mind can fathom.

Faith is putting out hope in eternal life
Living hope
Real and eternal hope

Deliver from despondency focus on heaven

Ask for heavenly things in your life

Mind controls the whole body

  • Testimony
  • Always joyful thought about heaven
  • No police in heaven
  • No prison in heaven
  • No hospital in heaven
  • No war in heaven
  • No graves in heaven
  • All sorrow will be finished
  • That man always had a smile on his face
  • This man was normal I was not thinking correctly

He knew the secret of happiness
Be comforted by hope
Let’s pray