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Book of Acts

Brother Charles continues a study on the Book of Acts.

Continuing from chapter 3, looking at the signs and wonders that accompanied the early disciples.

Peter and John healing the lame man at the temple. Acts 3.

  1. Peter says don’t look at us. Only Jesus can heal this man. “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has glorified his servant Jesus.” Acts 3:13
  2. Peter points out to the people they disowned Jesus giving him over to the Cross. Jesus died on the cross because it was God’s plan. Acts 3:14
  3. Peter calls on them to repent because they had acted in ignorance. The crowd repented and the Church grew. Acts 3:19.

Psalm 103:8 “The Lord is compassionate and gracious..”

There are blessings for following the Lord:

  1. The blessing is your sins are wiped out. Acts 3:19
  2. Refreshing of the Lord
  3. God will restore everything in the right time and Jesus will return.

It’s also helpful to read the Book of Acts and Revelation in parallel. It shows some challenges that oppose the Kingdom of God on earth:

  1. Persecution
  2. Moral compromise
  3. False teaching